“Welcome to the ISMH!”

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Welcome to the International Society of Men's Health (ISMH), the home of everyone and anyone in the world with interest in men's health. Our mission is to improve the health of men and empower them to pursue healthier lives. The reason for our great interest in men’s health is the overwhelming irrefutable evidence from many scientific studies of the significant disparity in gender health. All over the world, men live shorter than women and suffer more from heart disease and cancer. Health risk factors are more common among men including smoking, alcohol abuse and overweight. In addition, men utilize preventive health services less frequently. This disparity is even more pronounced in populations of low socioeconomic status. For example, in the USA, prostate cancer is more common and more malignant in African American men than other men.

ISMH: a unique opportunity for global exchange

Whether you are a professor, a doctor, a nurse, any health professional or an individual involved in a profession or industry that deals with men's health issues, your engagement and advocacy would resonate to promote men’s health and advance our field. Your efforts could provide a great opportunity to take global leadership in the area of men’s health. Your enthusiastic advocacy of men’s health and the empowerment of men to take good care of themselves, could inspire many men all over the world to improve their health. This would be a great opportunity to serve a noble cause of global dimension and unmet need.

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As the president of the International Society of Men’s Health and on behalf of our board of directors, I urge you to support our vision of growing our ISMH to be the global hub of information, education, networking, exchange and fulfillment of all needs of health professionals concerned with men's health. Therefore I would like to invite you to
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of our society, a non-profit association.

Most respectfully,

Ridwan Shabsigh, MD, FACS
President ISMH

Chairman, Department of Surgery at St. Barnabas Hospital,
Professor of Clinical Urology at Weill-Cornell School of Medicine
of Cornell University in New York, NY.