• February 26-29, 2016

    Men's Health World Congress 2016 - India

    MHWC 2016 aims to be a special feast of science and knowledge for all involved in the different field of Men’s Health. The main objective of MHWC 2016 is to unite the doctors who are influencing men's health on a daily basis and collect data and experiences from members and central bodies with regards to men's health. This effort requires doctors specializing in Medicine, Andrology, Urology, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Psychology, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics and Sport Injury, Hepatology, Family medicine, IVF & Infertility, Preventive medicine, Endocrinology, Dietetics, Dental Health, Nursing and other allied specialties to come together and address the issues specific to men that are responsible for the present morbidity and reduced life span. Based on the opinions and needs put forward during our conglomeration at the Men's Health World Congress, MHSI along with your organization can play an important role in formulating health strategies to bring men at par with women.

    MHWC 2016 provides an excellent platform to our industry partners to capitalize on their exposure to top opinion leaders and decision makers including senior surgeons, doctors, health professionals, government officials and other related organizations.

    India is a land of very rich heritage and variable complex culture. To feel the magic of its touch of spirituality and hospitality during the pre Diwali season will be experience of lifetime. I can assure you we will is leave no stone unturned to make your visit most memorable.